CLCCR´s areas of activity

Delegates from the national associations together with member companies meet twice a year at a plenary meeting to discuss and decide about political and economic issues. Statistical data is gathered from national associations and made available to CLCCR´s members. The special technical interests of the individual members are safeguarded by CLCCR´s Technical Committee (TC) and its working groups. There are working groups on GRVA (Automated/Autonomous and Connected Vehicles; former GRRF), ADR (transport of dangerous goods), TIR (transport under customs seal), ATP (transport of perishable foodstuffs), GRSG (General Safety, Bus & Coach), and reduction and monitoring of CO2 emissions for trailers and Buses & Coaches. CLCCR actively participates in a number of technical working groups of the European Commission (DG GROW; MVWG; DG MOVE; Road Worthiness; DG CLIMA; CO2 reduction and monitoring) and in the working groups GRVA, GRSG, GRE, ADR, TIR and ATP of the United Nations in Geneva.